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If you are looking for a high quality boat to take to the water look no further! Tiger Marine boats have been manufacturing great quality boats since 1996 , which means 18 years of valuable experience. This experience provides our customers with a superior quality boat. Tiger Marine boats are built with the best parts in the market, and made by the best Italian manufacturers. This is the only way to ensure the best quality boat which delivers great value for money.

All boats are built one by one which means that they are handmade by our skilled workers. Tiger Marine boats are built with the latest technology of thermobonding which eliminates the old fashioned gluing method still used by some manufacturers. All our seams are indestructible and very reliable with superior quality finish. Tiger Marine boats are built with the best inflatable boats fabrics.  VALMEX : is our standard fabric for all our boats, made by Mehler technologies from Germany. Orca: Optional CSM fabric for all of our ranges of boats made by Pennel and Flippo from France.

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